I am James Kelly and I am a student at Cabrini University. I am an aspiring writer that looks for new projects as a student. I wrote for The Loquitur and was sports editor for the newspaper. I also edit videos and enjoy to create new content for my personal brand. I am a digital communication and social media major here at Cabrini that have gained knowledge on the different aspects of digital communication. I am hubspot certified and google analytics certified. I have a passion in journalism and have been in a leading position before. I know how to lead others well, and build relationships with people who I lead to create that human aspect. There are different ways to leading, but I believe building trust is the first step in leading. I am a great listener who always gets the job done in a timely fashion.


Tyheim Monroe was a student at Cabrini that played basketball and broke numerous records. Monroe went on to play professional basketball in Brazil, and I got to tell his story of how that decision came about. I got to interview Monroe as well as some of his teammates, he said it was a tough decision because he had to drop everything and move to another country where he did not know anyone. Here is the first paragraph of my article, click on the picture to read the whole thing.


monroe des

The battle of Eagle road between Cabrini University and Eastern University has been going on since 1985. I wrote about the rivalry and how each school typically opens the season against one another. I interviewed players and sports department faculty about the rivalry to see what it is like facing a school that is .2 miles from Cabrini. I studied the history of the games between the two schools. The history between the two schools on each individual match-up was interesting to study because the stats varied between each year. If you want to read the whole article about the battle of Eagle Road then click the picture below.

eagle road.png



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